ResourceTie International AB, located in Gothenburg Sweden, deals in non-ferrous metal resources. The company sources metal raw materials in forms of ores and concentrates, off-grade products and by-products, as well as residues and wastes, in order to supply these materials to the associated smelters, foundries and recyclers in Asia and Europe. Meanwhile we sell some metal products, such as copper ingots and brass ingots. 

The company has been keeping a steady growth since its foundation in April 2006. Our commercial success is backed up by our strengths in the following aspects:

  • We are reliable. Our extensive trading experience and industrial knowledge allow us to buy various types and grades of non-ferrous metal raw materials internationally. We know how to organize, manage and control the physical flow and the relevant information flow. We place a significant emphasis on the quality control for the goods that we deal in.

  • We are flexible in the business. We can relate our prices to the LME, Metal Bulletin or on a “spot” basis, depending on what you prefer to. Payment terms can be tailored to suit your demand. We are open to any of the alternative solutions to ensure that the counterparties benefit from the business together with us. Even our business idea and attitude would alter, considering that the requirements from the environment and customers are modifying.

  • We work efficiently. We respond to all serious inquiries and offers as quick as we can.  We make a just-in-time delivery whenever it is required.  We make prompt payments, which is one of the things that differentiates ResourceTie International AB from some of the peers.

ResourceTie International AB dedicates to make the utilization of resources more effectively, more efficiently, and more environment-friendly.

The name of the company stems from a key terminology in the realm of Supply Chain Management.

Contact us

ResourceTie International AB 
Datavägen 12 A 
436 32 Askim
Göteborg, Sweden

Tel: +46 (0)31 402165

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