"One man's trash is another man's treasure", says a proverb. We help to turn "trash" into "treasure".

From high metal-containing dusts to low grade spent catalysts, almost all of them are valuable, as they can be reclaimed or recycled. Besides reducing natural resource and water use and conserving energy, reclaiming reusable metals from residues can prevent industrial wastes from going to landfill, and thereof reduce harmful materials in the environment. Working with the associate companies, which own recycling facilities and experience, we buy metal-containing wastes and residues arising from metallurgical, chemical, and other industries. Among others, these materials are:

  • Brass Ash (arising from the production of brass bars, pipes or tubes)

  • Zinc Ash (arising from the galvanizing or zinc oxide production)

  • Zinc Powder (arising from the semi-conductor production)

  • Copper Skimming, Slag, and Sludge (arising from the production of copper ingots or cathodes)

  • Lead Ash (arising from the recycling of scrap batteries)

  • Aluminium Dross (arising from the foundries of aluminium alloys)

  • Spent Catalyst (arising from the petroleum industry, containing molybdenum, vanadium, nickel, cobalt, etc.)

(Click on the name of the material to see the sample picture.)



  • Brass Ash
    Cu 15% min., Zn 30% min.
  • Copper Sludge
    Cu 20% min.
  • Lead Ash
    Pb 50% min.
  • Nickel Wastes/Residues
    Ni 20% min.  
  • Zinc Ash or Zinc Dust
    Zn 60% min. or 90% min.
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