Metal Minerals

We deal in various metal ores and concentrates, from the high quality to the low grade. As the buyers, we are interested in following minerals:

  • Copper (Cu) Ores and Concentrates                                                                                                 Copper ores occur as sulfide ores or oxide ores in nature. Most copper ores contain only a small percentage of Cu. The metallurgical treatment has to be taken to extract copper from the rocks, and the concentrates are thus obtained. The copper content of concentrate can be very high, e.g. cement copper sometimes contains as high as 80% Cu.
  • Lead (Pb) Ores and Concentrates                                                                                                        Lead is usually found in ores with zinc, copper and silver. Lead is extracted together with these metals. Most ores contain less than 10% lead, however ores containing only 3% lead can be economically exploited. Lead ores are crushed and concentrated typically to 70% or more.
  • Zinc (Zn) Ores and Concentrates                                                                                                         95% of zinc is mined from sulfide deposits, and mixed with the sulfides of copper, lead and iron. People knew to use Zn ores to make brass even in ancient times. Zinc concentrate, as a semi-processed intermediate product used in the production of zinc metal and zinc alloys, is the result of a flotation process for zinc ores. Zinc ores with less than 15% zinc can be concentrated to around 55% Zn and 30% S, as well as low levels of some other elements.
  • Antimony (Sb) Ores and Concentrates
  • Nickel (Ni) Ores and Concentrate
  • Cobalt (Co) Ores and Concentrate

... and so forth.


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  • Copper Ores and Concentrates 

Cu 10% min.

Pb 6.0% max., As 0.50% max.

F 0.10% max., Cd 0.05% max.

Hg 0.01% max.

  • Lead Ores and Concentrates

Pb 50% min.

As 0.70% max., Hg 0.05% max.


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