What We Do

As a trading company we don’t simply buy, adding the price, and sell. Instead, we provide quality services to add values to the materials and products that we deal in. This means that you get more for your money.

  • Inspection: Quality is at the forefront of everything we do. We visit and check the buying goods at the start stage of the business negotiation. We keep contacts with the international prevailing surveyors, e.g. AHK, SGS, and ERSA Global, and take advantage of their professional inspection services to get the clear picture of the quality. We believe that nothing but a serious inspection result can be taken as the basis for the commercial settlement, and every party involved in the business should pay or be paid for what it is truly valued, neither more nor less.

  • Shipping and delivery: With our rich experience on the international shipping and the procedures of the Customs clearance, you can be assured of that your orders will arrive safely and on time. We are able to make a just-in-time delivery for the metal product customers, which means that we can manage the inventories for you. When you choose our metal products, “zero-inventory” becomes possible at your warehouse.

  • Documentation: We meet the customer’s requirements and provide all necessary documents that are issued by us or the third parties. We make documents professionally and present documents on time.

  • Payment: We give our suppliers and customers options among different payment instruments, such as the L/C, CAD, T/T, and so on. A forward payment is sometimes offered to our customer although we have to effect an advance payment to the supplier for a certain business. All these are negotiable. We take it as our quality service to give you more options, and find a tailored payment solution for you.


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